Digging it

So if you have ever thought about moving to the mountains you probably thought about endless days of fresh powder,  gorgeous views,  numerous runs down untracked faces, a chairlift all to yourself, and maybe, excitedly, you thought about riding all day while other people are….at work.    Well sure,  those things DO happen.  But powder in the NW? Some.  The views are terrific,  if it’s not foggy, snowing, raining or all three.  Numerous runs….yeah, ok.  Untracked….well…once in awhile.  Get up early, the lift can be yours.  Riding not working?  Yup.  But here’s the thing. You might not be working because the highway is closed….that fresh POW you wanted?  Well it’s “Cascade concrete” and you’ve had a foot a day for a week….you are so tired from the 3 hours you spent  snowblowing your driveway every day that all you want to do is go inside and drink a beer.  But you are behind on work because you couldn’t get to the office, because the highway was closed.  Oh, and the gas company left a note….your propane tank is buried, dig it out please?  Image


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