number one.

Why should my first post be about peanut M & M’s?  Well, because peanut M & M’s rock . The colors are bright, the coating is crunchy, there’s a peanut inside, and the peanut is covered with chocolate. When I was a kid (okay, a teenager) I used to like to dump the entire bag out on my bed and then sort them by color.  I would eat them starting with the least in a group.  Only 2 red?  Those went first….  My favorite color was orange.  In fact , it still is.  And I guess that’s my whole point …I STILL dump out the whole bag and look at the colors. Sometimes I group them into pairs, yellow and green, orange and blue, brown and yellow….I sort them, eat the wonky peanut first (in case it tastes really bad)  let them melt in my mouth a bit, or just chew them up.   But I’m no longer a teenager.  No, I’m 51 and there’s been a whole lot of bags of peanut M& M’s between then and now.  Yet, I’m essentially the same me that I was then,  I’m the me who had horses and the me who played tennis and the me who lived on a beach. I’m the daughter me, the sister me.  I’m the me who was a college student, the me who loved mountain biking.  I’m the the me who was the climber, the me who is a mom, the wife me.  And, I’m the mountain me.  Image


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