Signs of Spring

On the mountain:    Dirty Snow  (and sometimes perfect blue sky days like below)

Off the mountain:   Green grass, daffodils, blooming heathers, people in shorts, magnolia blossoms, cherry trees in bloom, fat robins, nesting sparrows, pussy willows, spring training (I am so excited about Robinson Cano being a Mariner!)  and MARCH MADNESS.

It’s true, I am a big fan of college basketball.  I can sit and watch it ALL day. I love the squeak of sneakers on the court, the sound of the buzzer, coaches throwing their hands in the air, lay-ups, dunks, D, fouls, foul shots, 3 pointers….okay just ALL of it!  And this year my favorite team (graduate, class of ’86) the Providence College Friars, are on the BUBBLE!  Do you know how incredibly exciting that is?  Well, okay maybe it isn’t exciting to very many people, but to me it’s just mind blowingly awesome and makes March Madness all the more magnificent!

What’s YOUR favorite sign of spring?  Are you a fan of any sports team?

Oh, gotta run….the Big East Championship game is on.  GO FRIARS!



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