Everyone Knows It’s Windy

Remember that song?  I am pretty sure that they were just mispronouncing “Wendy”, but it is a darn catchy tune.

When I am not in the mountains, I am in a valley.  I mean that literally (though it does make me a bit sad); I am in a valley.  Two things stand out to me there.  It’s very windy, and when it’s not windy, there can be bad stagnant air.  It makes exercising outdoors rather challenging.  It can be really cold! Mostly it’s just uncomfortable and annoying.  Typically I will get up early and walk the dog.  It can be a beautiful spring day. But by the time I finish my morning chores and step back out to run, there’s a 40 mph gust waiting to greet me.  I can never get it through my head!  I go back inside and add a few more layers….maybe I am just being hopeful, choosing to ignore the hurdle mother nature has thrown at me?  Apparently everyone knows it’s windy, except me. What are your weather hurdles?  Can you run in rain and snow or do you head inside to a cozy treadmill?  Does the wind drive you crazy? Do YOU know Windy?   Happy running~


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