Right Left, Left Right

While I haven’t worn them often, (they weren’t very comfortable) I’ve had these socks for a couple of months and JUST noticed they are left/right designated.  Seriously?  They were a tad better today…..

The same thing happened with my headphones.  Because I have a wire chewing cat, I had to replace them, again.  The sound quality wasn’t great and I wore them about a dozen times before I noticed they are left/right ear pieces!  They are still a bit tinny, but hey, they were only $6.99!

Last week I wore my shirt inside out for about half the day.  Around 2 pm my daughter said,”hey Mom, your shirt is on wrong you know”.  Mittens on the wrong hands?  that’s me.  Snowshoes on the wrong feet, yup.  Knit hat inside out?  Done that.  I’ve put on my jacket inside out and have been frustrated by the lack of pockets and not being able to zip it up….Wrong eye glasses?  All the time.  Sometimes I look at myself and see Dennis the Menace, Pigpen and Ramona the Pest all rolled into one.  But that’s okay.  They might be a great big mess but they always seem to be having fun!!  I’m gonna get out a Sharpie and mark my headphones.  Enjoy yourself out there today! And if you do something crooked or backwards let me know!  We can form a club…

Yard Work Sucks, er…..Life Phases Part 1


Ken’s garden, April 24, 2014

I really admire this garden.  It is located near the trail head of one of my favorite hiking and trail running areas.  The gardener, Ken, is a retired college professor , among other things, and is perhaps in his mid to late 70’s.  I really have no idea, I’m a terrible judge of age, but he is at least a couple decades older than me.  It’s always enjoyable to stop and chat and come mid-summer, he often has extra produce to share.

My very best girlfriend lives in northern Maine on over 150 acres of land.  She has an old apple orchard that she and her husband tend as well as a large vegetable garden and numerous flower beds.  Her big love??  Growing roses FROM SEED, cultivating and hybridizing them. (see below)   They are spectacular!

My husband and I bought our first home in 1995. Our one “requirement” financially was that after paying the mortgage we had a little money left over to go out for pizza.  We ended up with an 800 square foot home in the Snoqualmie Valley east of Seattle.  The Sno-Valley has incredible soil.  It’s a place where if you spit, something might grow. We put in a 10 x 12 vegetable garden and grew early lettuces, spring onions, radishes, spinach, carrots, beets, peas, tomatoes, beans, and three kinds of squash.  We had apple trees, planted blueberries and an herb garden, a sunflower patch and numerous flower beds.  The kids could graze on home grown veggies and fruit all summer.  In the fall, they enjoyed apple sauce and apple pies and could pick their own pumpkins. Thanksgiving found us still putting our own produce on the table.  I spent countless hours, planning, designing, ordering seeds, prepping the dirt, and weeding.  I spent countless hours weeding and hoeing and weeding.  It was splendid!

Had you told me in 1999 that I would move away and no longer garden, I would have been incredulous!   I would have accused you of being a crack smoking doofus who clearly didn’t know jack.  Alas, you would have been correct… It’s been 9 years since we moved.  Our mountain home has a small yard which is covered in snow 7 months out of the year.  The other 5 months it’s a gravel lot.  My garden space has been reduced to two small planters by the front door and an occasional hanging plant.  In mid-summer the wildflowers take over and it’s somewhat respectable.  I never plant.  I never weed.  While I do miss the garden produce and the kids running around content, close to nature, enjoying the food at hand, I am happy to  have the time to  be outside running , hiking, playing in the snow or just sitting on my butt looking at the sky.  It’s a life phase thing , I’m sure of it.   Maybe someday I will get back to a garden and find happiness cultivating vegetables, fruits and flowers.  Right now, I will admire the gardens of others.  Life phases happen.



Monday Things, Parting Shots

 It’s spring, the ski and snowboard season has wound down and only two weekends of lift accessible riding remain at our local area.  I thought it was a good time to share a few parting shots and say so long to winter…..Good bye winter! See you next time around!





Monday Things

 First things first….the beer:  Kona Brewing Co. Koko Brown, brewed with toasted coconut.  Like being at the beach, in Hawaii (I have a vivid imagination) except you drink it….Mariner’s home opener is tomorrow!  That’s a shot from last year’s opening night.  We have tickets to the Friday night game vs. Oakland….yay!!! In and Out burgers, peanuts and a $10 beer! Go M’s!!

The gear bag needs cleaning out…..too much winter stuff.  Like me, it’s grown a bit heavy over the cold months.

30 minutes into my run today, I realized it was sunny.  I said, IT WAS SUNNY.  That’s right….and  my ghostly pale arms and legs were out there unprotected.  Time to drag out the sunscreen . Last year I got a great deal on some Sun Bum products and stocked up. Possibly, I just like that monkey face!

Happy Monday!

Blue Skies, Ski Tips


Mountain life, in many ways, is like modern life anywhere.  Garbage trucks come too early and are too loud.  There are traffic jams  (ever leave a ski area at closing time?) work deadlines and kids to get through school.  There are endless lists of things to repaint, repair or replace.  There are all kinds of things that keep us from doing the fun stuff.  But every once in awhile it all comes together, the planets align and we are able to step out the door to a mountain paradise.  I think these ski tip and snowboard splitboard selfies sum it up quite well~