Right Left, Left Right

While I haven’t worn them often, (they weren’t very comfortable) I’ve had these socks for a couple of months and JUST noticed they are left/right designated.  Seriously?  They were a tad better today…..

The same thing happened with my headphones.  Because I have a wire chewing cat, I had to replace them, again.  The sound quality wasn’t great and I wore them about a dozen times before I noticed they are left/right ear pieces!  They are still a bit tinny, but hey, they were only $6.99!

Last week I wore my shirt inside out for about half the day.  Around 2 pm my daughter said,”hey Mom, your shirt is on wrong you know”.  Mittens on the wrong hands?  that’s me.  Snowshoes on the wrong feet, yup.  Knit hat inside out?  Done that.  I’ve put on my jacket inside out and have been frustrated by the lack of pockets and not being able to zip it up….Wrong eye glasses?  All the time.  Sometimes I look at myself and see Dennis the Menace, Pigpen and Ramona the Pest all rolled into one.  But that’s okay.  They might be a great big mess but they always seem to be having fun!!  I’m gonna get out a Sharpie and mark my headphones.  Enjoy yourself out there today! And if you do something crooked or backwards let me know!  We can form a club…


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