Monday Things

Not sure why, but the  insomnia bug has bitten me and I am a wreck.  Just call me “sleepless near Seattle”.
It’s time to make summer plans….  I love to attend car shows and concerts.  That’s one of the great things about where we live, we are in the mountains, but close to a major city and all the extras that come along with that!   So finding things to do is never a problem.   We are also close to the ocean!!  Hurray!  We have plans this week to get out to the coast for some surfing. Maybe that will tire me out!?  Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Little Fiat at a recent all Italian car show
My favorite guitar god, Steve Howe


Husband last year at Pacific City, in the SUNSHINE!



5 thoughts on “Monday Things

  1. That is such a good photo, my daughter took that with her phone last year. She has a great eye! Unfortunately, I left my camera behind and my phone in my bag on our coast trip yesterday but I will share more about the trip soon!

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