Day at the Beach

Our trip to the coast (Westport WA) Wednesday was wonderful.  It’s about a 3 hr, no traffic, drive and when we arrived it was sunny!  Sun on the Washington coast?  Score!  Water temp was 54 and air temp about the same at 53.  My husband has been surfing for decades, but I am a beginner beginner beginner.  While the waves weren’t big, they were close together and ended up being choppy and chaotic.  The alternative activity?  A run on the beach of course!

what it usually looks like, gray and foggy

There is a paved path that runs through the dunes which I took one way then cut down to the beach for the return.  The tide was up a bit and the exposed beach was fairly rocky, so no barefoot running.  But I couldn’t wait to get my shoes off and put my toes in the warm sand and then walk in the cool waves! Far better than any spa experience…It was glorious! I wish I could show you the sun sparkling on the white capped waves and the sandpipers running, faster than me, along the shore.  But my phone and camera where left behind, which made for a rather peaceful day.  I can honestly say I have NEVER had a bad day at the beach.  There is always something fabulous to see , the waves pound the shore and the beach grass blows in the wind , making little circles in the sand.  I think I need to make beach runs part of my monthly training routine!  Happy Weekend!

the kids last year, they are beginners too but wayyy better than me
sun makes a big difference!


8 thoughts on “Day at the Beach

  1. We love the beach too but usually we go to Long Beach Peninsula. I also usually try to get in a run on the beach – nothing beats a nice run n smooth sand! Surfs better at Westport though!

    • Ohhh Long Beach! haven’t been there in years. that’s a fun spot! A bit further but it does have some good restaurants! (i’m always motivated by food!) and who doesn’t love jake the alligator man!

    • It did help a little with sleeping , but it may have been the 5 hrs in traffic on the way home that did it! 😦 I am so impressed that you can run in the heat of AZ! My goodness! I have been down there a few times and honestly, I could barely move! Isn’t acclimation a beautiful thing? How are you feeling? Kick that cold to the curb?

      • Ah yes 5 hrs in traffic will do that. The AZ heat is no joke, I’ve been running for about 7 months now and been dehydrated twice already, and is not even summer yet lol. Kicked the cold to the curb Friday, wad ready to run on Saturday, lots of meds, fluid, and food.

  2. Yes it must be very hard to avoid dehydration in those conditions! Do you guys carry some sort of water system/belt or handheld? I have a small hand held bottle that I really like that I carry in the summer . It’s hard to find ones that aren’t annoying! Glad your saturday night race went well! Way to go Mrs. Schlub! Look forward to hearing the full report~

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