Monday Things, Mid May

Last week I was a bit under the weather and only got out running ONCE.  Great big frown on that!  But today, I felt much better and got out for a short trail run.  The weather was perfect, 68, sunny with a light breeze.  The  recent rains have made everything so LUSH!  The wildflowers are in bloom and the trails are really pretty!


Ken’s garden is also looking fairly lush, with lots of good things starting to grow. (see April post for more on Ken’s garden)

Caffeine withdrawal…  ever try to give up your coffee habit?  It is NOT FUN.  More on that soon…
And last thing, Bachelorette starts tonight! That’s right it’s my little tv pleasure.  Though more often I watch in horror and fear for that entire generation.  But hey, the Bruins aren’t in the playoffs, Dallas is done for now and I need something to watch while I kick back on the sofa this Monday evening.  Go Andi!
Have a great week~



3 thoughts on “Monday Things, Mid May

  1. Rest is most important when your under the weather. Way to get out for the trail run, area looks beautiful, and that is great weather. Garden looks amazing. I’ve tried to give up pepsi/coke, no luck, but I’ve been able to decrease to a cup or two per day.

      • Oh I know, a nice cold beer after a hard run, or a miserable run, oh let’s face it ANY run is just amazing. I’ve been able to cut back to only having them Fri sat sun so some good progress there.

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