Holiday Week Already?

Well, as I get my bags ready to do some travelling (locally) I realize that it’s already the fourth of July holiday week!!  My goodness…. I hope my American followers have a terrific holiday no matter what your plans may be.  And that everyone has some good stuff coming up in the month of July~  Cheers!  







Magic Summer Glitter

I’ve been thinking a lot about what summer means and what makes summer feel like SUMMER.  So here’s my list of things, sort of the magic ingredients, the magic glitter if you will, that makes it all come together and feel like the season of our dreams and memories .  What makes your summer SUMMER?  Here’s my current list….

  1. Eating ice cream outside.  Even more magic glitter if you wait in line for it and it drips down your arm as you eat it.
  2. Berry picking.  You know, a big hot field , cobwebs in your face, a bucket, eating while you pick.  Overhearing dumb conversations and moms yelling at their kids.  Taking the berries home for waffles, jam, muffins, pies, shortcake, tarts, pancakes, syrup, eating.
  3. River wading.  Cold water, rocks, the sound of water moving along, sunlight dappling the pebbles, a wet dog or two.
  4. Cooking hot dogs on sticks. a campfire. smoke in your face.  Bun, what bun?
  5. Road trips.  anywhere. Cooler full of drinks, bags of food.  Traffic.  windows down.
  6. Reading list. Books all over.  sand and food crumbs between the pages. Reading one more hour ’til you finish even though it’s after midnight.
  7. Summer fruits.  Peaches, plums, cherries, melons.  Waffles , jam, muffins, pies, shortcake, tarts, pancakes, syrup, eating.
  8. Flowers.  Sunflowers in particular, all over in big vases.  The little bugs that come in with them. Petals on the counter tops.
  9. Fireworks.  not just on July 4th.  But that box of left over ones from every year you’ve ever bought them.  On a Tuesday, or a Sunday.  Just because you have fireworks and a lighter.
  10. My birthday. August.  presents, cake, beer, candles, fireworks, flowers, eating ice cream outside.  watching JAWS.
    My favorite flowers
    a previous road trip to Portland OR
    Fireworks and a mountain view

Summer Reading

Every summer I pick a pile of books and get reading.  I give myself a guideline of choosing one book from 5 different categories:  bestseller, nonfiction, classic literature, a random title and a sci fi book.  In the past I chose books that often only met one requirement….easy reading on a coast to coast airplane trip.  (I’ve read every single one of Daniel Silva’s spy novels because of that!)  Some of the non-fiction have been biographies, Agassi’s Open, or Alberto Salazar’s life story, 14 Minutes.  And I also like history so Nathaniel Philbrick’s books have been a lot of fun. In the Heart of the Sea,  the tragedy of the whaleship Essex, was my favorite!  I am a big fan of Haruki Murakami, (1Q84 wasn’t a book as much as a place I visited, LOVED it) and I also have read the entire Virga series by Karl Schroeder.  I have two standbys that I usually drag out and reread again and again, Melville’s Moby Dick and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. I’ve got my books ready, in fact have already read 3 books and here it is only June 25!  I’ve got the perfect place to read too….

This pile of books


that hammock


current read

Do you like to curl up with a good book?  Got a favorite beach read?  Summer reading, it’s one of my “summer magic glitter” ingredients…..Cheers!

Linger A Little

We needed to run into Seattle on Tuesday and it was an overcast, blurry day.  Perfect for some Ivar’s fish and chips and chowder.  It was a good break in our day, a chance to linger over a local favorite and slow things down a bit.

That was Tuesday and here it is, already Friday.  I’ve been asked a few times today if I have plans for the weekend?  Well, no, no I don’t.  I seem to be caught in a limbo between wanting to plan every day to make sure I get “things” done and absolutely wanting a completely free calendar, every day open, no plans, just time to linger.
Tomorrow is the first day of summer and I am excited that it’s finally here!  But summer feels completely different to me at 50 something , than it did at 20 something, or even 30 or 40 something.  It’s lost that spark, that spontaneity that makes it so fabulous.  It also has become incredibly short!!  In decades past it used to stretch out before me like a dream, warm days, road trips, the kids playing in the yard and swimming in the river.  Now it feels like summer lasts about a week or two, 3 days maybe.  How do you slow it down?  How do you make it last?  I’m going to try to wave a magic wand over it and weave some sort of dreamlike glitter into July and August.  If I find the magic mix to slow down the season and linger a little I will let you know!  Do you have anything planned for the weekend summer?


Awesome little run today.  I have this workout I call “up/down”.  Basically it’s leaving the house, hiking up past the beer can on the ski slope, then running down on the dirt access roads.  It’s short and sweet, about 30 minutes.  Today I cut back on another dirt road to loop around to the house and added  10 mins.  Perfect!  Best thing about it, besides the view?  After the first 15- 20 minutes it’s all downhill!



Subie Lover

We just bought our 5th Subaru (this one for our daughter) and I feel the need to profess my Subie love and pay homage to these great cars!  A photo tour….

     My husband’s last XT
The latest addition, ’07 Impreza RS
What?  you need a snow car?
the current daily driver, ’04 wrx

Seriously, we love these cars!  Have a great weekend.  Take a drive in the sun, and may all your miles be safe and happy!

June 3, 2014

It’s JUNE!  Isn’t that exciting?  I am making summer plans, the weather has been gorgeous!! And I am very happy to be enjoying sunshine in the mountains.  Some scenes from last summer….

Hubby and Me
My usual summer gym
My boy Scout


Lake Keechelus from the back of Hyak