Subie Lover

We just bought our 5th Subaru (this one for our daughter) and I feel the need to profess my Subie love and pay homage to these great cars!  A photo tour….

     My husband’s last XT
The latest addition, ’07 Impreza RS
What?  you need a snow car?
the current daily driver, ’04 wrx

Seriously, we love these cars!  Have a great weekend.  Take a drive in the sun, and may all your miles be safe and happy!


2 thoughts on “Subie Lover

    • Fords are great too! We also have a big Ford F 150 and my last one went over 250,000 miles! Dang good snow vehicles as well. Living in the mts you are really limited to 4wd/AWD vehicles…. But the gas mileage is death, thus, the subarus. honestly if I could? I’d be driving a 70’s muscle car or a lotus? ha ha!

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