Monday morning when I took the dog out it was 42 degrees. I actually put on my puffy down jacket. The leaves are changing in the hills. We had had a few days of rain, mist and clouds. It’s that comfy grey blanket that many of us in the NW like to pull up over ourselves!  It’s a “relief”, so “relaxing” and we “love it”. Yes, those are the things I heard, this is what we say about the rain…. And just like that, snap! summer is over.   I’m gonna say, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?…. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!…It wasn’t my favorite summer, that’s for sure.

A few final images of the season, and then?  On to Fall!  I am looking forward to pleasant temps for running, some trips to the coast, flannels and hoodies, just enough sunny days and pumpkin ales!


You need rain for rainbows!


1956 23-window VW Micro Bus at the Lucky Car Collector auction

Scout, one more stick. I’m so glad he had this season of fetching sticks in the lake!


No more waiting, they’re here!




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