Monday Things, 12/29

A few snapshots to sum up our holiday season….

Coffee in Seattle @ Voula’s Offshore Cafe


tree decorating went well!


Unwelcome Christmas guest….the flu!


DRU BRU, our new LOCAL brewery has opened!!

We had a “big storm” forecasted for this past weekend, up to 22 new inches….well, we ended up with a bit of slush. We got maybe one inch here at the bottom of Hyak.  The ski area has partially opened despite the ruts, rocks, brush and bare spots.  You won’t find me up there until the coverage is WAY better!!  It’s very disappointing….but nothing a little post-holiday shopping didn’t help….

New socks, a foam roller, and margarita bloks!

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday week!!  If you’ve got snow?  Ride for me!!

Four-Letter Word Thursday?

So as an alternative to “wordless Wednesday”, I’m offering up 4-letter word Thursday.  And here is my photo .  Caption it RAIN.  What did you think I was going to say?  That’s right, I took that today, December 11th.  The Magic Carpet isn’t looking very magical, the chairs are stuck in a wan, weary place. My snowboard sits lonely in the garage.  My new snowboard jacket is hanging itself in the closet.  There is NO snow, no snow in the forecast for the next few days at least.  Got another 4-letter word you want to offer up to me?

Summit at Snoqualmie, December 11 , 2014

Songs in the Key of Life

One of the greatest things about where we live is the proximity to Seattle and all that the city life has to offer…..well, last night it offered up one hell of a gem!!  I was fortunate enough to have the sense to get a ticket to this concert, this “Historic one night only event”.  Amazingly, I saw that he was going to be in the Key Arena months ago, then forgot about it! (big duh). Luckily, I happened to hear one of his songs on Sirius radio (LOVE that ) and quickly did the ticketmaster disaster thing to find a seat….only singles left so hey, bought a cheap ($67 with fees) seat, nosebleed section, and went.  Astonishingly, I got tapped on the shoulder by the usher just before the show was to start and he asked if I was a “single” , and would I like to go sit down in the floor section?  WHAT?????  The young man sitting behind me also got the offer and like two little kids clutching the golden tickets, we went scurrying downstairs to find our new, upgraded seats.  I can not even begin to tell you how fantastic this concert was.  The musicianship, the talent on that stage, it was incredible and by far the best concert I have ever seen.  I bought that album, Songs in the Key of Life, when it came out in 1976.  I’ve listened to it countless times.  It’s a gift.  I am just overwhelmed by that one man’s talent, his character and his soul.  He and his fellow musicians and performers (outstanding!!) played that album in it’s entirety as well as several other classics.  The show was over 3 hours.  If you see this show is near you??  GO!  It was one of those life affirming experiences that just makes you damn fucking glad to be alive….
(key arena photo)