What February Looks Like

Well, the ski area has finally thrown in the towel and sent out a message that they are closed until further notice due to lack of snow.  For a place that has an annual snowfall of close to 500 inches, that’s just sad and so many other things.

Today it’s 56 degrees, partly sunny and looks like this…

Freezing level is around 8000 feet

What should February in the mountains look like?  Well, here are a few shots from seasons past.

THIS was February 21, 2013
Mt Baker Banked Slalom, February 2013
Mt Baker Banked Slalom, February 8, 2013

This year the Mt. Baker Banked had to be “postponed” for lack of snow.  They are optimistic that a reschedule may happen in March. In the mean time, it’s a beautiful day here in the mountains but would be so much more fabulous if there was snow!!!  And while I’ve been telling my east coast friends to take a run or two for me, and telling all the lucky riders who have snow to whoop it up and think of me, I’m tired of riding in thoughts only.  The real “rub it in” moment came  when I called our dentist today to make an appointment and found out that he won’t be available for another week….he’s skiing in Idaho!!!

You got snow?  Lucky!!   What’s February look like where you are?

Things You Should Know If You Run With Me

Do you have a regular running partner? Do you run with a spouse, a friend, a buddy?  An entire GROUP?  Generally, I run alone.  In fact, on one of my playlists I even have a song that is my “running alone anthem”…. No One to Run With Any More.  It’s great, but sad, right?

The Allman Brothers  Give it a listen while I tell my tale….

I used to have regular climbing partners, snowboarding buds, mountain biking madmen and general badasses to get out with and share crazy things we used to do.  But life stuff, joint replacements, a continent between us has made that difficult.  In December, I was lucky enough to have my husband go out running with me a few times.  After only a few minutes on the trail he yelled, “hey! Watch it with that snot!”  And I realized that maybe I have a few bad habits. Maybe if someone runs with me, they should know some things.

July 2012, Safeco Stadium, Refuse to Abuse 5k

 As you can see in the picture, I talk.  I talk a lot.  Who knows what I talk about but expect some lengthy dialog, laughter and nonsensical chatter.
I’m SLOW.  Super slow….12 min/mile slow.  On a good day running downhill I can pick it up to a 10.  So if you need a recovery run or just bought a pair of sneakers and have never run in your life, I’m your girl!
I spit.  I spit and farmer blow my nose quite frequently.  I try to be directional on this but sometimes the snot just gets away from me.  I have “exercise induced hypermucosity”.  It’s a real thing.  I swear!
I am apt to push, shove, and grab your arm as we run.  No idea what that’s about but I do it getting off a chairlift too.  You’ve been warned!
I carry cash. That obscure pocket with the awkward zipper on your sleeve or butt?  Mine is stuffed with money.   You need a coffee?  Post run beer?  Lunch? A taxi to get away from snot and chatter?  It’s on me.
I don’t care what you look like.   Are you wearing tattered, smelly, drab running clothes?  Is your hat warm but stupid? Great!  We will be twins!  Sporting new running gear?  Looking like a cover model ?  Got a watch as big as your head that tells you where you are and how fast we aren’t running? Cool! Gives me something to talk about….and aspire to!
Run with me and you will be my forever friend.  Some of my best memories involve cycling, running, riding, climbing, not because of the athletic achievements, but because of the fantastic people with whom I’ve shared those moments.
So there you have it, a few things you should know if you run with me.  What should people know about running with you??

On A Mission To FIND SNOW

Our snowfall amounts here are still seriously low.  It’s rumored that the ski area is going to throw in the towel on the season soon!  Boo hissssss.

My husband went out searching for snow in other places and had a couple of successful snowboarding trips to Mission Ridge over in Wenatchee.  They don’t have a great natural snow depth either but…..they make it!  AND, importantly, they GROOM really really well.

blue skies and a view
lunch spot at the top of Mission Ridge
sea of fog below