Monday Things, Music and Cats

Well, we are all getting over our complaining about the mountain being closed, though some grumbling remains.  The employees are getting the shaft, being laid off, having their health care coverage changed, unsure of their futures here on the mountain.  And while the ski area made good on it’s promise to give pass holders a discount on next year’s pass (80%, very substantial), it grieves me to see so many people in the industry slapped by mother nature.  I really hope this isn’t a trend and that next year we go back to “normal”.

In the mean time….here we are.

A week or so ago I heard this song, Killin’ Time,  a Diamond Rugs tune, and it’s been stuck with me since.  I really like the music, but I really grasped on to the concept of how often we are just killing time. For me it’s: Killin’ time, drinking lots of coffee.  Killin’ time, filing my nails.  Killin’ time, sorting through my emails, killin’ time, thinking ’bout the summer.  Killin’ time, wishing I was somewhere….sigh.  What’s your song ?  How much killing time do you do?

Anyway, happy spring! I hope it’s truly a fabulous season for you.  Here’s a random cute photo of my daughter’s beautiful adopted cat, Luna.  Have a great Monday~


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