Awhile Ago We Went Surfing

My husband surfs.  He’s been surfing for decades.  Me, well, I’m trying to learn but several things put me off….the other surfers, the cold water, the thought of sharks, the cold water.  Possibly, I won’t learn because you can’t learn if you don’t get in the water.  But learning in say, Washington state, is quite a bit different than learning in California or Hawaii.  Possibly it’s just an “old dog, new tricks” thing for me.  I’m going to keep working on it but in the mean time, I really enjoy our trips out to the coast.  On this particular day there were at least 75 surfers out in the water off Westport, but a quick drive around the corner yielded solitary surfing and some decent waves if you were patient.

When I showed my husband this photo, he was struck by how small he looked out there.  Um….yeah.. The next day there was a story in the news about an 18′ Great White shark being spotted off of Ocean Shores, right across the way. They estimated it’s size by examining the bite mark on a seal that had been bitten in half. I’m sure the shark wouldn’t look very big either if I took it’s photo.
While we were there, I hung out with my best dog friend Scout and we spotted these boxes built along the jetty.
We had seen several cats that darted quickly into the rocks when we approached.  There was a fish processing plant of some sort across the street. It seems like there’s a great animated cat movie here?  This guy could be the star I think.
The beach, ocean waves, sunshine , being with my beloved man and pup, and cats….a very complete day. Right?

2 thoughts on “Awhile Ago We Went Surfing

    • I didn’t actually go in the water that day! It was a gorgeous day weather wise but I have never seen that many people in the water there! (that’s why we have cat photos!) We usually go mid week but this was a saturday and there had to be 70-100 people in the water. We went over to the Groynes and it looked like there were no waves but Hubby was able to get some decent rides. I like little waves, good intervals and pretty much, the place to myself! 🙂 I have better luck out at Crescent Beach. Westport can get fairly scary! Do you surf?

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