Monday Things, Rain and Chickens

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday.  I’m a bit behind.  Maybe it will cycle around and I’ll be ahead?

We’ve been getting some rain in the mountains and it’s a good thing.  If we go too long without rain in The Northwest we all get a bit anxious. It’s refreshing and relaxing.  Good coffee drinking weather.
(image from Garden Of Words)

Have you noticed that it’s becoming more popular to keep chickens?  We have always known a few friends who have had chickens, usually in rural areas. But chickens are showing up in urban settings, the suburbs and yes, even in the mountains.  A neighbor up the road has a pretty nice coop set up, complete with metal roof for snow that matches and is attached to his home.  I ran into another neighbor yesterday who told me they have chickens “in the bathtub”.  Their coop is decidedly more basic, $20 worth of materials attached to the porch gives the chickens shelter and keeps them close.  There are a lot of options for your chicken home.  I saw This Place on a recent trip through Ballard.  While I don’t think I could keep chickens myself I certainly admire those who are taking it on, especially in the mountains where there’s an extra challenge to it.

Have you noticed chickens in your neighborhood?  Do you have chickens?  I do like the thought of fresh eggs….Happy Spring!

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