Spring Snow

Here’s a little proof that if you are patient you can still get in some good days even in a lousy snow year.  Our neighbor took this over the weekend up on Silver Peak .  Pretty good looking snow with decent coverage!

In other mountain news….the same neighbor spotted what he believed to be a wolf on the side of the highway, I 90, on his way down to town Sunday morning.  He contacted fish and wildlife and unfortunately, the wolf was hit a bit later .  Fish and Wildlife confirmed (well, it’s been sent for DNA testing) that it was a female wolf, weighing in at 185 lbs, all black and most likely from a known pack to the Northeast of us.  The wildlife officers on approach thought it was a young bear because of it’s size and dark color.    This spot on the highway is a regular “road kill” area as Elk like to feed on the side of the road there.  Last year a cougar was hit in the same area.  Anyway, I wish I had seen the wolf!  It’s interesting to know that they are around us….Though I’m not sure I’d want to see one while out running or hiking.  Would you?  Have you run into any large wildlife while out in the forests?

black-wolf-dominantphoto from THIS blog, see for more black wolf info


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