Chasing Squirrels In Heaven

Last week we had to say goodbye to our best friend and SUPER DOG, Scout.  He gave us his love for over a decade, filled our hearts with joy and gave us enough good dog stories and memories to last a lifetime.  We will always miss him.  Rest in Peace little buddy.  Chase the squirrels in heaven!

our pup in 2002

It has been a very very sad time for us but my dog loving friends have helped ease the pain.  I’ve heard lots of good stories, also sad stories about their own old dogs.  But overall what stands out about every story regarding a best doggie friend, is the love they bring to our lives.

On a happier note….I want to share this song with you, because it made me laugh out loud when I first heard it on Sirius Radio, the Loft.  When I found the video version, I laughed even louder!  Please, check it out…..Man and Dog
Funny right?  And the face on that old dog….so sweet.
Saying goodbye to our furry ones is so difficult. But we all feel pretty darn lucky to have had such a good dog.  The best dog, a Super Dog…..

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