Weekend Project: A New Outhouse

We have a recreational property in Central Washington and it’s a bit rough, but very very peaceful and wonderful.  When we bought it a decade ago, the previous owners had an outhouse that was one of those Dept of Fish and Wildlife fiberglass models (looks like a fat rocket) which was crudely set up over a hole on some bricks and cement blocks. Over time, the floor started to rot and become a little squishy.  The entire thing sort of rocked on it’s base and felt  quite tippy  and, to make matters worse, my husband stored the chainsaw in there which dripped some chain oil and made the floor very slick!  Even more hazardous, the seat was never attached!  So, it was time to replace our “bathroom” facility!  Now, to be honest , we didn’t complete this in a weekend!  But I think if you are very organized and remember EVERYTHING you need, you can do it.  In all so far we have spent 3 afternoons working on it.  it is nearly complete, just needs the metal roofing, ventilation and a door!  Then a bit of finish work.  But here are some photos of the work in progress….

Base of new framed out with old outhouse in background

Base of new framed out with old outhouse in background


We will build the door at home and bring it over to attach it.   We found one of the things that slowed us down was just forgetting little items we needed!  We do have electricity on site and used a couple of extension cords to power our tools which was great.  I hope very soon to have a picture of the finished project to show you !  I’m excited to have a great new outhouse!!  Clean, not tippy, and so far, no spiders!!!


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