Monday Things~ Blueberry & Luna

Since Mae arrived the cats have been fairly annoyed.  They feel under appreciated and are irritated every time they see her!  So, here’s their moment in the spotlight…..


Blueberry is a 4 yr old sweetie that my daughter got as a kitten from the local “crazy cat lady”.  The “crazy cat lady” (does every neighborhood have one?) was actually a really wonderful elderly woman who fed the neighborhood strays, took care of their kittens and rounded up as many as she could to be spayed and neutered.  She moved a couple of years ago and oddly, there are very few stray cats now!  Maybe they followed her out of town, like the Pied Piper?

Luna is a 3 year old Maine Coon.  My daughter adopted her from the local shelter. She was underweight, dirty and had been in the shelter more than once!  With a little food and love and lots of brushing and bathing (which she HATES!) she has blossomed into this beautiful cat!
Mae really really wants to be friends with Blue and Luna.  But in true cat fashion, they steadfastly ignore her and keep her in her place ( as far away as possible) with hissing and a few well placed right jabs. I’m sure though that someday they will welcome her into the household!
We have another cat , Rosebud or “Kitty Roca” .  KR is a huge, old, strange looking black cat with a wonky golden eye. She looks like she should be in an animated movie. (have you seen The Cat Returns ?)  She was adopted by my son after a friend’s grandmother moved to elderly housing and couldn’t bring her.  My son was asked to take her to the shelter, but of course he couldn’t!
Do you have a cat?  Or cats?  I would love to hear about them!

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