Fitness Confessions

I had to go and look at my calendar to see when the last time was that I actually did a run.  Other than some short jogs around the neighborhood, the last real run was not this month, not June, oh, good guess but not May either!  April 4th.  that’s right….there’s a little hen scratched notation that I ran 31 minutes in new shoes, in APRIL!  Sure there are hikes noted, paddling in the lake, walks up the mountain.  But running?  Running doesn’t make an appearance on my calendar.  I have a long list of reasons why I haven’t been running, but let’s just say that other things in life have gotten in the way of running plans.  Some of them are unavoidable life events, others are just run of the mill excuses .  Drinking beer with Ben and Jerry in the summer heat for example!
I had the foresight to know I wouldn’t be running any races this summer but I did register my son and husband for the Refuse to Abuse 5k held in Safeco Stadium where the Seattle Mariner’s play ball.  (note I said play not necessarily WIN)    It was the first race for my son and he had a good time! My husband did a lot of runs with his dad growing up so this is a great family tradition to continue!
Part of the race goes through the parking garage

There are a lot of races across the country held in sports stadiums and they are such fun events!  You go through parts of the stadium that you may never normally have  access to and this one ends out on the baseball field!  Plus this was for a great cause, raising awareness and money to help those affected by domestic violence.
I hope your summer running is going great!  I’m looking forward to getting back out there and possibly registering for some fall races.  My son said he would do it again!  I think I’d better lace up my shoes and get running~


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