“Flame”, one of the adoptable kitties. My daughter thought Flame looked like Jim Gaffigan….

What kind of people go to Cat Cafes??  People like US!  Back in March, my kids had spring break but we were very busy and didn’t have a lot of time for a vacation.  Soooo, we did some local trips, including a visit to Seattle’s first cat cafe, Meowtropolitan.

What is a cat cafe?  Well, it combines coffee and cats.  Quite a simple formula really!  While they are very popular in Japan and other Asian countries, this is the first one to open in Seattle.  Appointments are made online and you have one hour, ten minutes or so to get your coffee and then 50 minutes to enjoy interacting with the cats.  The coffee house is separated from the cat room by double doors to prevent escapes, (and also because of health codes).  There were about 20 cats on the premises, half of which were available for adoption.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience!  The coffees and pastries are cat themed of course.  I had a “Meowcha” and an adorable chocolate macaron with a kitty face on it.  There were about 15 guests including us and you know what??  EVERYONE had a big smile on their face!  It was a very happy and relaxing experience!

                                                 Is there a cat in this basket??  Yes!


                                   Lots of structures for cats to climb on, or just sleep!

If you ever get the opportunity to go to a cat cafe, do it!!  The cats are lovely and it’s a terrific way to spend an hour of your day.  I will certainly go back and visit again!


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