Ballard Farmer’s Market


I finally got to the Ballard Farmer’s Market .  It is one of my favorites and I have been wanting to go for weeks now but we have been so busy that it took awhile to work it in to our weekend plans.  The assortment of goods is simply amazing.  Here, just a few shots of my take from the day.

                                                         The $10 market bouquet

One of my big reasons for wanting to get there was to buy some “shrubs” from by far my FAVORITE vendor, Sweet Caroline’s Jams and Jellies.  These aren’t plants, they are drinking shrubs. (look them up on wiki for a detailed history. It’s quite interesting) The flavor combinations are amazing and it was difficult to pick just one, so of course, I bought 3!  Mixed with a little Perrier and ice they are incredibly refreshing.  You can also use them for a mixer with alcohol….more on that later!  The jams also combine fruits and flavors that are unusual.   I’m sure before the summer is over I will have tried them all!

                                                   That’s right, made with vinegar!
                                                      Colonial Era…Don’t you love it!?


                                     I also bought a marionberry lime vanilla jam~ yum!

Do you have a farmer’s market nearby?  What’s your favorite thing about them? Besides all the produce, flowers, meat and baked goods, it’s always fun to see the musicians, the people and of course the dogs!  There were so many dogs at the market today.  That would be a fun post in itself sometime….


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