Mountain Mess

Well, Saturday I did go out shopping looking for running shoes.  And I bought….RUBBER BOOTS!  That’s right, you can’t run in those. Well, you can, but it would be sloppy and awkward.

I am so thrilled to have found these though because they are the perfect thing for walking the dog in the morning. The fields we play in are soaking wet this time of year and last fall and early winter my feet were soaked every day! These fit perfectly, YAY!!
Sunday I went out again looking for the perfect running shoe.  No luck.  I went to Road Runner Sports and tried on about 6 pairs.  I really am a lot like Goldie Locks here ….too small, too big, rock plate, toe guard, bad tread…ugh!  On Wednesday I checked out one more local store but had no luck.  So finally, after driving my husband nuts talking about running shoes for WEEKS, I ordered another pair of Altras and an Asics GT2000 trail.  The Altras are the neoprene/polartec waterproof MID version of the Lone Peak 3.0  .  I’m not thrilled with the changes to the Lone Peak over the 2.5 version I have but if these are “right” they may be exactly what I’m looking for to wear in the mountains through early winter (gaiters!!)  The Asics are the fall back pair.
As soon as they both arrive I will give an update….right, because it’s SO exciting to talk about my running shoes….
Okay, on a side note….did I mention (ya probably) what a big fan of Harry Chapin I was?  So, I have Sirius radio and honestly the BEST thing about it is the crazy old gems that pop up as you surf channels.  Awhile ago I heard Taxi and it just is SO INCREDIBLE.   Taxi… go on, take a listen.  “There’s a wildman wizard, he’s hiding in me, illuminating my mind”.   And the part about having “something inside me, not what my life’s about”?  oh man!
The funny thing about this is that I kept singing it, playing it, yelling it, writing it down, working out to it etc.  And I thought about a concert I went to back in the 70’s.  Harry came out after the concert and talked to us, shook our hands.  It was just us, a small group of high school friends who hung around after the show.  He was such a nice, regular guy.  He even signed a leather visor that I was wearing at the time.  ya, a leather visor that had “Budweiser” tooled into it.  To my complete delight, my best friend found a photo of the two of us, circa 1978, and there I am, wearing the visor!  It was completely coincidental too!  Just like that…BAM, I’ve got a photo of me in the visor!!
I must have really been into hats as the newsboy cap on my friend is also mine….

Well, there you have it.  An update from the mountain mess that I am.  Maybe I spend too much time alone with Mae?  ya, maybe… I hope your first week of “fall” is going great!!  Drop me a note.  Got a favorite old song that lights up your day?  Share it!

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