Get Away

Last week we had a little get-away to Pacific City Oregon. We have been there several times and Cape Kiwanda is one of our favorite spots.  The weather was fabulous!  So many people around and honestly, just as good as some July visits!   It was so good to be by the ocean, walk and run on the beach, see daffodils! We also saw seals in the water, a free range chicken farm (seriously) and a …..LAMB!!!  Is that the ultimate sign of spring or what?

The past few Valentine’s Days we have indulged in our craft beer love at local breweries.  Since this was close to that holiday we stopped at Heathen Brewing’s Feral pub house in Vancouver WA.  Great beer, friendly service and good bites to eat.  We walked out with a growler of a Mojito Sour Ale….yes, Mojito. SO tasty…  Their tap list is impressive and I will happily visit again as there is something for everyone no matter what your taste tends to. They also have bottles available to go and we grabbed a couple “Graveyard of the Pacific” bombers.  Certainly one of the better beers I’ve had this year and tops my list for Imperial Red Ale .  But the label art?  Damn!  That’s fine!!  This is a collaboration with North Jetty Brewing, located in the Long Beach WA area.  When I get to Long Beach, where am I going to go?  yup.

Mae, beach lover
Cape Kiwanda, OR

We also took a drive through Tillamook OR for a second visit to DeGarde Brewing.  DeGarde is an amazing place. Aged beers….  They pretty much blow me away every time I get my hands on them.   Sitting in the sun, drinking DeGarde.  That’s a great day!
Of course we also were in Pelican Brewery which is always a great stop for food and fabulous beer!  It was, all around, a lovely vacation.

Monday Things

My Mother’s Day flowers are wilting as I type but that’s ok; it was a wonderful day!  Grilled fish tacos, a family walk up the hill through town and a Black Forest cake from the local bakery.  It’s become our go to cake for every  occasion (like birthdays) and sometimes we make up occasions….

In case you weren’t aware of this fact, it’s American Craft Beer Week! (no I didn’t make it up).   I am going to celebrate with one of my favorite local craft beers from Two Beers Brewing Co. in Seattle, the EVO IPA.  It was the IPA that made me a believer in the whole IPA thing.  I finally GET IT!

And last on my list this Monday….I am incredibly tired of eating the same old healthy grain cluster stuff that I have eaten for what seems like forever (okay, just for a few months).  It’s not that it isn’t delicious but I am just burned out on it.  So, I made my own granola!  It’s a delicious recipe from Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics by Ina Garten.  I have 6 or 7 of her cook books and I love them.  This recipe is fairly simple, the ingredients are easy to find and it tastes really great.  it also ends up being about half the price of the brand I buy.  It’s such a 70’s thing to do! Seriously, I actually remember the first time I ever had home made granola and it was 1972.  Enjoy your week!  Run strong, eat well, drink some craft beer~