saturday dog love

Mae, Lucy, Harry and Max….

Mae was so excited to see snow this week that I couldn’t get a decent picture….beside herself!  Lucy….showing off her new winter coat.  And the little Harry with his big brother Max.  Saturday dog love!


Mountain Mae

I know you’ve been missing Mae.  Come on, of course you have!  She, as usual, has been having quite the life…running, hiking, swimming.   But last month she was stung by hornets three different times!  NOT fun.  The last time, we had been out hiking on the mountain and about half an hour after we got home I looked at her and her entire face was swelling!  Luckily a benadryl tablet brought it under control.  But she hid in the closet for the next hour!

The bee-sting lip look?

I’ve been a bit more careful about avoiding places bees might be, but it’s not easy out in the woods.

Today she had her first Mountain Bike training ride, and she did great! Actually, this is the second try.  Last summer we took her out but she didn’t get over jumping at the bikes and I wiped out pretty good.  This time I went fast enough that she had to really run to keep up and while she was trying to herd me for the first mile or so, she finally figured out that she could just run ahead or along side and it was a blast!  At last , a way to tire her out that doesn’t wear me out first!
Does she look tired?

Dogs and Houseplants…

This is a  quick post to relate something scary that happened with Mae last night.  We were getting ready for bed and she wanted to go out on the porch for a drink, (she has a bubbler fountain on porch) so I opened the door to let her out.  She came back inside and my husband yelled to me that she had something in her mouth.  Well, it was part of a silver jade plant that is in a pot on the porch, been there all summer along with  Aloe and other succulents.  We pulled the leaf out of her mouth and within a minute she started having what appeared to be an asthma attack, wheezing and having difficulty breathing!!  It lasted about 10 scary minutes and finally she was ok!!  A  quick check online though told me something I didn’t know….Jade and Aloe are toxic to dogs!  While it’s not likely they will consume enough to poison themselves, they can have irritation, stomach upset and other symptoms.  I had seen Mae nibble the ends of the aloe but never thought much about it.  Who knows why at 11 pm she decided to start eating a jade plant that she has sat next to all summer??  Dogs!!!  Anyway, just a heads up if you love succulents and dogs….like Lilies and cats, they might not go together!

And of course, the obligatory photo of Mae….keeping cool on a hot day in a mountain stream!

Days At The Lake

Our lake days are fading fast as the water recedes further and further.  It is used for irrigation east of the mountains and this year with low snow pack, it hasn’t filled up as the water is drained out, so, we are about a month ahead with very low water.  However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still enjoying cooling off and paddling around on these very hot days!  And Mae, our 5 month old pup, is especially enjoying it!

I hope that summer is treating you well!  Keep cool and enjoy!

Monday Things~ Blueberry & Luna

Since Mae arrived the cats have been fairly annoyed.  They feel under appreciated and are irritated every time they see her!  So, here’s their moment in the spotlight…..


Blueberry is a 4 yr old sweetie that my daughter got as a kitten from the local “crazy cat lady”.  The “crazy cat lady” (does every neighborhood have one?) was actually a really wonderful elderly woman who fed the neighborhood strays, took care of their kittens and rounded up as many as she could to be spayed and neutered.  She moved a couple of years ago and oddly, there are very few stray cats now!  Maybe they followed her out of town, like the Pied Piper?

Luna is a 3 year old Maine Coon.  My daughter adopted her from the local shelter. She was underweight, dirty and had been in the shelter more than once!  With a little food and love and lots of brushing and bathing (which she HATES!) she has blossomed into this beautiful cat!
Mae really really wants to be friends with Blue and Luna.  But in true cat fashion, they steadfastly ignore her and keep her in her place ( as far away as possible) with hissing and a few well placed right jabs. I’m sure though that someday they will welcome her into the household!
We have another cat , Rosebud or “Kitty Roca” .  KR is a huge, old, strange looking black cat with a wonky golden eye. She looks like she should be in an animated movie. (have you seen The Cat Returns ?)  She was adopted by my son after a friend’s grandmother moved to elderly housing and couldn’t bring her.  My son was asked to take her to the shelter, but of course he couldn’t!
Do you have a cat?  Or cats?  I would love to hear about them!

Dog Tribute Human Tribute , Ben Moon and Denali

The same lovely friend who sent great dog stories, photos and support when Scout passed away sent me this link last night.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it is!  On so many levels, it is perfect: the scenery, the tribute, the life of dog and owner.  I think you all will appreciate it as much as I do~

Denali and Ben Moon (click for video)

Ben and Denali

Chasing Squirrels In Heaven

Last week we had to say goodbye to our best friend and SUPER DOG, Scout.  He gave us his love for over a decade, filled our hearts with joy and gave us enough good dog stories and memories to last a lifetime.  We will always miss him.  Rest in Peace little buddy.  Chase the squirrels in heaven!

our pup in 2002

It has been a very very sad time for us but my dog loving friends have helped ease the pain.  I’ve heard lots of good stories, also sad stories about their own old dogs.  But overall what stands out about every story regarding a best doggie friend, is the love they bring to our lives.

On a happier note….I want to share this song with you, because it made me laugh out loud when I first heard it on Sirius Radio, the Loft.  When I found the video version, I laughed even louder!  Please, check it out…..Man and Dog
Funny right?  And the face on that old dog….so sweet.
Saying goodbye to our furry ones is so difficult. But we all feel pretty darn lucky to have had such a good dog.  The best dog, a Super Dog…..