Mountain Life, A Snow Day

You would think, living in the mountains with an average annual snowfall of over 400 inches of snow, that we would get a lot of “snow days”, stuck at home, roads closed, no place to go.  Actually, it’s fairly rare! But yesterday we had freezing rain in the forecast so I, mentally checked out, spent the day in the house doing laundry, binged watched some Nicholas Cage movies on Netflix (don’t judge me man), baked brownies, played with Mae.

Unfortunately, today is a REAL “snow day”.  The freezing rain, which came down like a sand, accumulated to about 8 inches or more, and I-90 is closed in both directions for today AND tonight.   Slides and debris have covered parts of the highway and conditions are too dangerous for crews to be out clearing. Trees are across the road and more are falling. It’s going to be a long time before they get the highway cleaned up and open!  Locals are saying it’s the worst ice storm they can remember in over 40 years of pass living.
What to do?? Well, Netflix is out right?  I mean how many bad movies can you stand?  (A lot actually).  I’m not making any more brownies, cakes or pie.  Maybe I will make an apple crisp though.  I’ve already done yoga and a weight work out….I’ve been out walking Mae twice .  I think we should venture up the mountain, do a little skinning, take a few turns.
What does Mae think?  She might have the right idea….

Hyak Hike

Just a quick share of photos from our election day hike up to the top of Hyak.  GORGEOUS day.  It was a bit too warm for November….on top of the mountain in sneakers?  But it was fabulous.  Hopefully we will have snow soon though!


Solitude, found!



Tuesday Afternoon Fun

You know lately, all I want to do is wander around in the mountains with my dog.  Is that so wrong?   Here are a few shots from our Tuesday afternoon at the “lake”….

Someone pulled the plug….


It’s okay, there’s still MUD!


There’s not much of summer left.  How are you spending your final days of the season?  Heading back to school?  Sending off the kids?  Sneaking in some last vacation days?  I hope it’s all great!

Mae’s Day

Will ya look at this lucky dog?  Will ya look at this gorgeous weather?!  Today we are celebrating Mae’s first birthday.  She’s 1!  And she’s out doing her favorite thing, running around on the mountain!




We’ve been blessed by absolutely perfect weather this week and still have enough snow on the mountain to skin up with our split boards. It’s been great.  Mae is learning to just run ahead of us, which is terrific, because her herding instinct, trying to keep us together, doesn’t make for very good snowboarding.
I think this is a great way to spend a birthday, don’t you?

Signs of Spring

Dirty snow, broken sleds, holes opening up everyhere and soft, wet snow…these are our local signs of spring.  I’m excited that it’s March 1st!  February was rainy with two weeks straight of rain that really melted our snow pack.  But then we had some great sunny days and my husband and  I were able to get out and take a few runs together one day last week. It was gorgeous!    I can always count on him to get some great action shots.  Like this one:



That’s right, I’m tightening my boot!  But look at all that sunshine and nice snow!  Then there’s this one…..I’m actually SIDE SLIPPING.  Is it my first day on a snowboard?  NO.  Ha ha ha, but maybe he was looking at the view, and not at me.  In my defense (yes, I feel like I need to defend myself)  just out of view to the right was a group lesson of tiny skiers!  They were so adorable!  They make huge turns and I was trying to let them get ahead of me.  Well, that didn’t take long for most of them. Gosh they are fast!


It was a beautiful day out there.  Since then we have had more rain and are losing more snow.  There are holes like this one opening up all over the place.


But it’s all good.  We can ride around them!

Happy March!  In just a few weeks it will officially be SPRING!  Hooray for that!  I’m certainly looking forward to it.  Aren’t you??


Blue Sky, Bobcats, UFO’s

It’s been a busy week or two here.  We’ve had some beautiful weather and warming temps which have resulted in spring snow conditions.  My husband and I have been able to get up on the mountain, skinning up on our split boards with Mae along of course.

                                                          Just LOVE a blue sky day!

We had two very interesting “sightings” this week.  One was real….I happened to look out the window one morning to see this kitty. It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing and when I grabbed my phone to get a photo, well, it wasn’t a good shot!  The birdfeeder got in the way, but that is a bobcat!

The other sighting was a bit more dramatic and unreal….ufo’s! My husband went out to walk the dog and came back in yelling for me to come outside, there were LIGHTS IN THE SKY!!  Unidentified of course…

A UFO sighting!

I want to believe!

We watched them for about 15 mins.  There were 5 of them in a line at first, then they changed formation.  We couldn’t tell what in the world they were! They were silent, moving together, would disappear and reappear. Other people on the mountain reported seeing them.  Well, it turned out that a group of people staying in a mountain – side residence had let off several Chinese lanterns….I was so disappointed!!  ( Now I know how Mulder feels) It was a lot of fun while it lasted though.

The weather has returned to fog and rain, a bit of snow. It may be awhile before we have another blue sky day.  We are planning on going to a few Seattle Breweries tomorrow for Valentine’s beer, I mean Valentine’s DAY.  I hope your holiday weekend is a great one!  Did you get outside? Have an adventure?  I hope so!

Morning in the Mountains

No one would ever describe me as a morning person.  But when you wake up in the mountains and get outside to such incredible scenery, well, it certainly wakes you up!  Had a very enjoyable morning walk around the mountains with Mae.  There was sun, blue sky and fresh snow.  A few photos….


The fog is starting to roll in now, which is fairly common here, but we will get out again later for some more snow fun!   Hope your Groundhog day is going well!

Green Grass

One of the things I truly love about where I live is that I can be on snow, xc skiing, snowboarding or just running around , maybe sitting on a snowbank….

….and then with a 30 minute drive?  I can be in a completely different place, usually 10-20 degrees warmer and the grass is green!  By February the Seattle area has flowering trees and shrubs in bloom, everything is green, though a bit soggy, and it really feels like spring!  But with the snow pack we have this winter, we will be enjoying “winter” sports well into May.  Not a bad deal really.


It was actually a bit warm for her at 50 degrees!  Used to the snow and cold weather.

Happy New Year!

View at the top of Hyak

I hope 2016 is treating you well so far!  Since my last post, we have had a huge amount of snow! At one point we had 9 feet in 7 days!  That resulted in road closures, a power outage and lots of snow clearing!  But the power came back on Christmas eve and Christmas morning the highway reopened so we were all able to be together, the best gift of all!!
I spend nearly every morning playing outside with Mae. She is loving the snow! It’s fun to have such an energetic companion! It gets my day off to a good start.


The morning routine
I’m not the resolution making type. Sometimes I make goofy resolutions, “Buy more shoes” or “wear more dresses”.  And often, I wish that it was a new year 40 years previous!  If I woke up and it was 1976 well, that would be awesome! The fact is, that 40 years has been an eye blink.   How do you slow it down? Sigh.   Well, make great moments happen!  My best moment so far?  A great big snowboarding turn in fresh snow ~  beautiful!    What’s your best moment of 2016?  Got one yet?    I sure hope you have lots of them!  cheers~