Linger A Little

We needed to run into Seattle on Tuesday and it was an overcast, blurry day.  Perfect for some Ivar’s fish and chips and chowder.  It was a good break in our day, a chance to linger over a local favorite and slow things down a bit.

That was Tuesday and here it is, already Friday.  I’ve been asked a few times today if I have plans for the weekend?  Well, no, no I don’t.  I seem to be caught in a limbo between wanting to plan every day to make sure I get “things” done and absolutely wanting a completely free calendar, every day open, no plans, just time to linger.
Tomorrow is the first day of summer and I am excited that it’s finally here!  But summer feels completely different to me at 50 something , than it did at 20 something, or even 30 or 40 something.  It’s lost that spark, that spontaneity that makes it so fabulous.  It also has become incredibly short!!  In decades past it used to stretch out before me like a dream, warm days, road trips, the kids playing in the yard and swimming in the river.  Now it feels like summer lasts about a week or two, 3 days maybe.  How do you slow it down?  How do you make it last?  I’m going to try to wave a magic wand over it and weave some sort of dreamlike glitter into July and August.  If I find the magic mix to slow down the season and linger a little I will let you know!  Do you have anything planned for the weekend summer?